When actors ask their director, "What's my motivation?" they mean what need or desire is driving their characters’ actions and dialogue. This same concept is true in real life because our motivation drives our choices and actions.

You really need to understand how to motivate those in your charge if you are a

•    Parent
•    Teacher
•    Coach (of any kind, including Life or Athletic)
•    Friend
•    Supervisor or Manager
•    Leader or CEO
•    Minister
•    Caring person

Sometimes, the issue is not about motivating others. It’s about motivating yourself.

Our motivation dictates how much we can achieve or even if we will achieve success at all. We see evidence of this fact throughout our lives. For instance, one of the most disappointing sights is to see truly talented people who lack motivation. Instead, someone who is less talented but more committed and persistent is able to achieve great success.

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The Test

  The first step in motivating people is to discover their current motivation,begging the
   question:  “What’s Your Motivation?”

   How do you find your (or other people’s) motivation? Here are the three steps:

   1.    Uncover Your Values
   2.    Uncover Your Motivators
   3.    Uncover Your Motivation


Only after you discover your motivation, can you make lasting change. Take our FREE values and motivation survey to determine your main motivator (body,more

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